House of Treasure is online Rug and Bronze sculpture shops

Thanks to the internet you can now purchase both handmade qualities Rug and Bronze Sculpture at a fraction of the cost. House of Treasure is family owned business was founded in Rockville. Maryland in 1995 and is now one of the world’s largest online stores. With a sound knowledge and years of experience in the Rug and Bronze industry. We are proud to offer our produces of the highest quality at the best prices on the market. We are proud to offer one of the richest and most diverse Rug and Bronze collections available. Browse through more than 13000 unique Rug and Bronze in different categories, styles and sizes. We have everything from tribal featuring nomadic motifs, to modern innovative and high end exclusive in the world’s leading workshops. There is literally speaking for every taste, space and budget.


High quality Rugs at the best prices

The company boasts a solid, specially developed technological platform and many years of experience within the company’s main area of expertise. A lot of the company’s logistics and administrative routines are automated, in order to offer you, our customer, and a higher level of service. We purchase our Rugs directly from Rug producing countries with no middlemen which mean that you have access to Rugs of the highest quality at the best prices possible. The emphasis is on design and quality, and the Rugs we sell at House of Treasure have all been selected with great care and attention. All our Rugs are thoroughly checked, both during photography and prior to dispatch to ensure that all Rugs meet our company’s quality standard. With the right knowledge you can make a better choice. A Rug is an important purchase and choosing the right Rug is not always an easy task. Our aim is to give you the knowledge you need to choose the best Rug for you. Whether you are looking to learn more about Rugs in general or want to get some useful pointers for your Rug purchase, we recommend you to visit our website. Our Customer Service team also possesses expert knowledge on Rugs and interior decoration, and will be happy to offer advice and help answer any questions you might have.


Finest European Bronze Sculpture at lowest Price

House of Treasure is a forging of hard work and a true love for creating wonderful works of art for our clientele throughout the world. We measure our success by satisfied customers and lasting monuments that will outlive us all. As you peruse our online catalog, we hope you notice the artistic range of Bronze Sculptures we offer, the exceptional detail and quality shown and the pride we take in what we believe in. House of Treasure is comprised of artists, craftsmen, dedicated professionals, spontaneous minds and lifelong employees that work together so you can accentuate your home or public project with beauty and artistry. We conceive new and wonderful ideas every day, but make no mistake we are not an overnight online operation. House of Treasure can create any concept or idea you desire into Bronze Sculpture. Whether you require a model or heroic monument, no job is too difficult. We specialize in custom commissions and public monuments. House of Treasure realizes the trust you place in our hands to deliver a work of art that you will forever enjoy. Our goal is to satisfy your needs and desires. We will guide you through the installation, maintenance and delivery of your new sculpture(s).


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